Ever since its establishment in 1991, Oxford Secondary School has secured a recognized place among Nepal’s reputed schools and colleges with its dedication of the highest education standards. It stimulates students’ creative and critical thinking power, and heightens their moral sensitivity through its curriculum execution, value education and extra-curricular. It encourage them to be the seekers of truth and to take responsibility as alert of the world in order to face tough competition posed by the fast growing knowledge of science and technology and that of management.

Established the year 2002 by dedicated lecturers and social workers, Oxford institution has been marching ahead to stand out the excellent center of learning as a result of committed academic team of distinguished staffs. To quench the thirst of students for university education, Oxford  has been successfully running BBS & B.Ed. programs.

An adequate educational environment has been set up to import the quality education to the aspiring students. Oxford believes in quality and practical education which certainly helps to develop confidence and cultivate discipline in the students.

Course Cycle BHM

First Semester

  • BHM 301: Food Production and patisserie -1 (Credit Hours-3)
  • BHM 311: Food and Beverage Service-1 (Credit Hours-3)
  • BHM 321: House Keeping Operations (Credit Hours-3)
  • ENG 311: English (Credit Hours-3)
  • MGT 311: Principles of Management (Credit Hours-3)

Second Semester

  • BHM 302: Fod production and Patisserie-II Credit-3
  • BHM 312: Food and Beverage Service Operation-II Credit-3
  • BHM 324: Hotel Accounting Credits-3
  • ENG 203: Business Communication Credit Hours-3

Third Semester

  • Food Science and Nutrition
  • Cost and Management Accountancy
  • Food Production and Patisserie III
  • Food and Beverage Service Operations III
  • Front office operations

Fourth Semester

  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Food Production Management
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Front Office Management

Fifth Semester

  • Hospitality Marketing and sales
  • Statistics
  • Economics
  • Fundamental of Tourism
  • Facility Planning and Management

Sixth Semester

  • Industrial Exposure (15 Credits)

Seventh Semester

  • Industrial Exposure
  • Project Work
  • Internship Report

Eighth Semester

  • Legal Environment for Hospitality
  • Organization Behavior
  • Strategic Management
  • Entrepreneurship for Hospitality
  • Nepalese Society and Politics
  • Elective course
    • Cultural Resource of Tourism in Nepal
    • Quality Management

First Semester 15 Credit Hours

  • Eng 201: English-I 3 Credit Hours
  • IT 211: Computer Information System 3 Credit Hours
  • IT 212: Digital Logic Design 3 Credit Hours
  • MGT 201: Principles of Management 3 Credit Hours
  • MTH 201: Basic Mathematics 3 Credit Hours

Second Semester 15 Credit Hours

  • IT 213: Structured Programming 3 Credit Hours
  • IT 214: Data Communication and Computer Network 3 Credit Hours
  • MGT 204: Business Communication 3 Credit Hours
  • MTH 202: Discrete Mathematics 3 Credit Hours
  • SOC 201: Sociology for Business 3 Credit Hours

Third Semester 15 Credit Hours

  • ACC 201: Financial Accounting 3 Credit Hours
  • IT 215: Web Technology-I 3 Credit Hours
  • IT 216: Java Programming-I 3 Credit Hours
  • IT 217: Computer Organization 3 Credit Hours
  • STT 201: Business Statistics 3 Credit Hours

Fourth Semester 15 Credit Hours

  • ACC 202: Cost and Management Accounting 3 Credit Hours
  • ECO 201: Microeconomics 3 Credit Hours
  • IT 218: Data Structure and Algorithm with Java 3 Credit Hours
  • IT 219: Web Technology-II 3 Credit Hours
  • IT 220: Database Management System 3 Credit Hours

Fifth Semester 15 Credit Hours

  • ECO 202: Macroeconomics 3 Credit Hours
  • IT 221: Computer Graphics 3 Credit Hours
  • IT 222: Java Programming-II 3 Credit Hours
  • IT 223: Advance Internet Working 3 Credit Hours
  • MKT 201: Fundamentals Of Marketing 3 Credit Hours

Sixth Semester 18 Credit Hours

  • FIN 201: Business Finance 3 Credit Hours
  • IT 224: Software Engineering 3 Credit Hours
  • IT 225: Computer Security and Cyber Law 3 Credit Hours
  • IT 351: Summer Project 3 Credit Hours
  • MGT 202: Human Resource Management 3 Credit Hours
  • MGT 206: Business Environment in Nepal 3 Credit Hours

Seventh Semester 18 Credit Hours

  • IT 226: Management Information System 3 Credit Hours
  • IT 227: Object Oriented Analysis and Design 3 Credit Hours
  • IT228: Artifical Intelligence 3 Credit Hours
  • MGT 203: Organizational Behavior 3 Credit Hours
  • MGT 205: Operations Management 3 Credit Hours
  • MGT 208: Business Strategy 3 Credit Hours

Eighth Semester 15 Credit Hours

  • IT 229: IT Entrepreneurship and Supply Chain Management 3 Credit Hours
  • IT 230: Economics Of Information and Communication 3 Credit Hours
  • Elective I 3 Credit Hours
  • IT 350: Internship 3 Credit Hours

Sailent Features

  • Disciplined, academic and filial environment
  • Rich Library
  • sumptuous buildings
  • Well equipped Computer lab and practical rooms
  • Cafeteria and Transportation
  • Academic leader in the region
  • Special guidance to weak students
  • Special consideration to the poor and intelligents
  • A college of +2 (XI & XII), BBS, B.Ed. BHM, BIM)

MBS & M.Ed. to be launch


To be an excellent academic center of higher education

To produce skilled human resource equipped with academic knowledge and technical skill

To prepare sound pursue a wide range of academic programms

To encourage and promote research in various fields

To accumulate advance and disseminate knowledge.

Message Board

Dear guardians, Students and well-wishers,

It is a great pleasure for me put few words about Oxford as a reputed academic institution. The
institution was established with the motto of imparting quality education for all round development of
the students. We had a big commitment at the establishment period and our unremitting execution in
the following years , we have been progressing leaps and bounds. Our prospective guardians and
students can visit the college themselves and see reality. We have created academic ambience for which
the teacher's co-operation is always praiseworthy. We also believe in discipline which helps the
students flourish in the days to come. The success of the college lies in the management of all levels,
branchy and program of the organization. It runs from Montessori to Bachelor level with sound co-
ordination different administrative bodies that handle the programs. I am convinced and assure you that
Oxford is the best academy institution in the region.

MR. Durga Datta Bhandari
Oxford College

Dear students , Parents and well-wishers,

21 st century demands practical and life enhancing education .
Education is the means that brings out the hidden talent of the learners. An
institution that can externalize the innate capacity and provide quality
education must be the choice of studetns and the parents. Oxford always
committed to do this. After passing XI & XII , you may be in a dilemma about
choosing the best college for your successful future. Oxford leads you
toensure your ambition . I invite all the students having dram of success to
join the institution of practicality and originality in deeds.

Mr. Manoj Marasini
Campus Chief
Oxford College