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Oxford School || Quick Overview

Rules & Regulations

School's Rules and Regulations 

1. Students must reach the school premises before 10 minutes of the assembly with their complete teaching- learning materials. If they fail to do so, the security person may not allow them to enter the school complex.

2. Students must come to school in prescribed uniform. It must be neat, clean and well ironed. The shape, size and style of the uniform must be as prescribed by the school.

3. Students aren't allowed to wear / use any kind of expensive ornaments on their body. After its use, in case it is lost, the school will not be responsible. Using fixer and gel is strictly prohibited. Girl should ribbon their hair either side on the head.

4. Parents / guardians are not allowed to visit their kid, teaching staff, wards etc without permission of the principal. The meeting can be arranged by an earlier appointment.

5. Students must speak in English in the school complex except in Nepali periods.

6. Students are strictly prohibited to leave the school premises during school hours except the permission of the principal. If found so the student shall be expelled from the school.

7. Students are forbidden to damage the property of the school. If they are found damaging the property. They will be charged the amount. Students should use only simple bag which can hold all the teaching and learning materials.

8. The school won't be responsible for any major accidents that take place in the school complex but necessary first aid will be provided. No student is allowed to bring their out –friends during school hours. At leisure, prior permission is required.

9. If students are found in different violent or immoral activities, they will be warned and eventually expelled. Irresponsible, rude behavior and serious misconduct either inside or outside the school will result in the expulsion of the student.

10. No student can remain absent without pre-information of their parents. If found so, they can be charged, warned and ultimately expelled. Student should cover their books and copies.

11. The decision made by the Principal. V. Principals or other concerning authorities will be final in all regards and matters, and no arguments will be entertained.

12. Students must follow all the rules and regulations of the school. If any breach is found, the student will be warned, punished and ultimately expelled from the school.

13. After the student gets entered into the school complex, she / he won't be called on phone or mobile. Due to emergency work, if any student needs to go home, parents must come to receive their kids.


Admission Policy

  • Admission to the school will be taken only after an entrance examination that will be held in the beginning of an academic session year every year.
  • Admission forms will be issued from the account section from the last week of chaitra, the information will be disseminated via school web page as well as from different electronic media.
  • After filling the entrance form, it must be submitted to the account section from where the students will be provided with an admission card that will allow the students to take part in the entrance exam.
  • The entrance test will be held for the subjects like English, Nepali, Math, and science. Each subject carries 25 marks.
  • The result of the entrance test will be published after at least three hours of the test and the ones who pass and are interested to get admitted to our school should get admission within three days of the result publication.
  • Filling an admission form requires the following testimonials;

    1.    Transfer certificate

    2.    Character certificate

    3.    Mark sheet

    4.    A copy of birth certificate.
  • Along with the aforementioned requirements the sound appearance and character of the students is a must.

Scholarship Policy

School's Scholarship Policy 

Our school has a tradition of encouraging the pupils via different scholarship and free ship facilities being offered to the students who are disciplined, studious, and labourious. Scholarship and free ship facilities to the learners are provided under some terms and conditions;

  •  All sorts of facilities that have been declared to be given to the deserving students by PABSON and Nepal Government are offered by our school as well.
  • The guardian of the deserving students must apply for the free ship or scholar ship by 15th of Baishakh every year.
  • Level first, second and third students are offered with 100% free ship. We have three levels ( Grade 1- 3 ) basic junior level, ( Grade 4-7 ) basic level, and Grade ( 8 – 10 ) senior level. Along with that the students who secure class first , second and third are provided with 100%, 50%, and 20% of discount in their monthly fee.
  • The students securing A+ in basic level examination with grade point average 3.95 and more will be awarded with a gold medal and so will be the case for SEE students as well.
  • The ones who are disabled, helpless, and needy, will be offered with scholarship as per the government. Applied that they must be good at study and deserving ones.
  • If the total of an academic year of a child is paid in the beginning of an academic year 10% discount is offered in that case.
  • In order to receive free ship either or scholarship only securing good number won't suffice rather the students must have good moral conduct, must pass every examinations fairly, and must possess positive attitude along with more than 90% attendance.
  • For the one who gets top ranks in the entrance examinations will be offered with an attractive scholarship as per the economic condition of the parents.
  • We too offer attractive medals to the pearls of oxford who reveal outstanding performances in the Board examinations as well as extracurricular activities.


Oxford Secondary School Teaching Staffs

S.No Name Of Staff Designation Photo
1 Dinesh Bhusal Principal  
2 Mohan Khanal Chhetri Vice-Principal  
3 Shalikram Poudel Secondary Incharge  
4 Chiranjivi Sapkota Lower Secondary Incharge  
5 Sarita Bhusal Secondary Incharge  
6 Rita Kumari Pandey Montessori Incharge  
7 Afroj Ansari English Teacher  
8 Anirudra Pandey Science Teacher  
9 Anisha Bhandari English Teacher  
10 Anisha K.C. Science Teacher  
11 Anu Rajak Dance Teacher  
12 Asmita Chhetri English Teacher  
13 Baburam Pokhrel Computer Science Teacher  
14 Barsha Rana Science Teacher  
15 Bhagwoti Koirala Science Teacher  
16 Binakumari Khatri English Teacher  
17 Bindu Poudel Nepali Teacher  
18 Binod Kumar Koiri English Teacher  
19 Biswash Gautam Computer Science Teacher  
20 Dandapani Pokhrel Nepali Teacher  
21 Deepa Ranamagar Montessori Teacher  
22 Ganesh Bahadur Dhami Social Teacher  
23 Geeta Thapa English Teacher  
24 Heera Sapkota English Teacher  
25 Humananda Khanal Nepali Teacher  
26 Jagannath Baral Maths Teacher  
27 Jiba Kumari Sharma English Teacher  
28 Kalpana Panthi Nepali Teacher  
29 Kamala Rayamajhi Thapa Nepali Teacher  
30 Khemraj Adhikari Maths Teacher  
31 Khimananda Gyawali English Teacher  
32 Laxman Ghimire Computer Science Teacher  
34 Laxmi Gurung Science Teacher  
35 Laxmikumari Gautam Science Teacher  
36 Laxminarayan Marasani Nepali Teacher  
37 Laxmi Sharma Gurung Montessori Teacher  
38 Madhuri Paudel Nepali Teacher  
39 Milan Shrestha Science Teacher  
40 Nirmala Pun English Teacher  
41 Oshin Thapa Montessori Teacher  
42 Pooja Gaha Magar Montessori Teacher  
43 Pradeep Bhattarai English Teacher  
44 Pratima Rana Montessori Teacher  
45 Prabina Kunwar Montessori Teacher  
46 Reeta Sharma Maths Teacher  
47 Rita Kumari Pandey Montessori Teacher  
48 Rummaya Gurung Montessori Teacher  
49 Salina Thapa English Teacher  
50 Samjhana Panthi Nepali Teacher  
51 Santosh Khadka English Teacher  
52 Sapana Shrestha Maths Teacher  
53 Saugat Gyawali Science Teacher  
54 Sita Gaire Montessori Teacher  
55 Sita Upadhaya Computer Teacher  
56 Sunita Kumari Montessori Teacher  
57 Sunita Rana English Teacher  
58 Sushmita Thapa English Teacher  
59 Tamanna Bashyal Montessori Teacher  
60 Tika Kumari Thapa Montessori Teacher  
61 Tulsa Pandey English Teacher  
62 Uma Gurung Montessori Teacher  
63 Umesh Adhikari Science Teacher  
64 Yamuna Gurung Montessori Teacher