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Oxford +2 || Quick Overview

Teaching Methodology

    The school follows the student – centered teaching methodology . This includes methods such as inquiry , discovery , discussion , problem – solving , inductive teaching , demonstration , project work , laboratory work , and reflective teaching . These always help to concretize  the learning experiences of the students and develop confidence in them. These academic practices are always found advantageous in every curricular activity.

Rules & Regulations

The school believes that discipline always brings a person to a great success with human values. Everyone in the institute confirms that  honesty , punctuality , regular hard work and obedience to value – based activities are always rewarded. Each student has to sign the paper of term and conditions for his / her stay at Oxford .

Admission Procedure

 The school conducts entrance examination . The detail of admission program is made up public through local newspapers, radio and television  channels. Students must pass the entrance examination in order to appear in the interview that the parents also need to attend . Only then can the successful students enroll with certain term and condition .

Stream Minimum GPA Minimum Grade  
Science 2.0 English , Nepali , social Studies , EHP  D+
Mathematics , Science C+
Management 1.6 English , Mathematics , Science , Social Studies , EHP , Nepali D+
Humanities/Education 1.6 English , Social Studies , EHP , Nepali , Science D+


Programs :
Oxford Secondary runs Grade XI & XII in the streams of Science , Management , Humanities , and Education under the National Examination  Board (NEB) . there are currently two shift :

  • Morning Shift :     6:00A.M to 11:15 A.M.
  • Day Shift : 11:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.
Science Management Humanities Education
Physics Accountancy Political Science Education Pedagogy
Chemistry Economics   Introduction to Education
Biology/Computer Science Finance/ Business Studies/ Computer Science/ Hotel Management Optional: Mathematics/ English/ HPE/Population Studies
Mathematics Business Mathematics Civics / Business Maths CDL, Instructional Evaluation

+2 Scholarship Policy

Oxford aims to promote personal and social values and fulfill corporate responsibility by providing different types of scholarships . The main purpose of providing scholarship is to motivate and support the deserving and needy students.

Criteria Scholarship
Entrance Based Merit Scholarship for first 100 students
Poor and Diligent  
Internal Examination Based
85% Above 100% Tuition and Rs. 10000 cash in each internal examination
80 - 84.9% 100% Tuition & Rs. 3000 cash in each terminal examination
75-79.9% 50% Tuition
70-74.9% 25% Tuition
  • 100% Examination Fee waive in every examination for those students having 100% regular attendance in classes . The parents who have 100% presence in internal exam results are rewarded Rs. 1000 at the pre-board exam result program every year.

Evaluation Procedures

The academic evaluation system synthesizes a continuous process of assignment . The evaluation system at OXFORD has been designed to keep students continually aware of their performance in relation to the required  standards of academic achievement . Students are evaluated in agreement with our unique system which ensures that students are prepared for success in the final exams. Oxford conducts the following tests and examination each academic years.
Monthly Test : Students attend a test per subject every month.
First Terminal : After completing one-third of the course , students attend the First Terminal Examination .
Pre-Send Up : Pre-Send Up Examination is held in the last week of Poush after completing two third of the course.
Pre-Board : As a good chance to practice the final NEB pattern , students attend this examinations. Only the students securing at least 40% marks in each subject are qualified to appear in the Board Examination .
HISSAN Exam : All Students appear this exam after they have passed all internal exams.
Note : Students must pass each term exam. Unsuccessful students must attend re-examination .


  • Oxford has managed new busses for the students' safety and comfort.
  • There is an extra charge for using bus service.
  • Students must get a bus card before using the service.


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Message Board::

Dear Students, Guardians, Well-wishers and all the concerned ones! It is a great pleasure for me to write on behalf of Oxford Secondary School, located in the heart of nation’s educational hub, Butwal. The first

Mr. Dinesh Bhusal


Dear Students, Guardians and Well-wishers, It is a great pleasure for me to write few words on behalf of Oxford Secondary School, located in the heart of nation's educational center Butwal. The first and unique Montes

Mr. Suman Bhusal

Vice-Principal XI & XII

 We are really pleased and excited about your success. This is a landmark in the formation of furnishing your future. Besides , you need to continue your sincerity to the subjects that support you to achieve your

Durga Datta Bhandari