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Scholarship Policy

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Scholarship Policy


Our school has a tradition of encouraging the pupils via different scholarship and free ship facilities being offered to the students who are disciplined, studious, and labourious. Scholarship and free ship facilities to the learners are provided under some terms and conditions;

  •  All sorts of facilities that have been declared to be given to the deserving students by PABSON and Nepal Government are offered by our school as well.
  • The guardian of the deserving students must apply for the free ship or scholar ship by 15th of Baishakh every year.
  • Level first, second and third students are offered with 100% free ship. We have three levels ( Grade 1- 3 ) basic junior level, ( Grade 4-7 ) basic level, and Grade ( 8 – 10 ) senior level. Along with that the students who secure class first , second and third are provided with 100%, 50%, and 20% of discount in their monthly fee.
  • The students securing A+ in basic level examination with grade point average 3.95 and more will be awarded with a gold medal and so will be the case for SEE students as well.
  • The ones who are disabled, helpless, and needy, will be offered with scholarship as per the government. Applied that they must be good at study and deserving ones.
  • If the total of an academic year of a child is paid in the beginning of an academic year 10% discount is offered in that case.
  • In order to receive free ship either or scholarship only securing good number won't suffice rather the students must have good moral conduct, must pass every examinations fairly, and must possess positive attitude along with more than 90% attendance.
  • For the one who gets top ranks in the entrance examinations will be offered with an attractive scholarship as per the economic condition of the parents.
  • We too offer attractive medals to the pearls of oxford who reveal outstanding performances in the Board examinations as well as extracurricular activities.



Oxford aims to promote personal and social values and fulfill corporate responsibility by providing different types of scholarships . The main purpose of providing scholarship is to motivate and support the deserving and needy students.


Criteria Scholarship
Entrance Based Merit Scholarship for first 100 students
Poor and Diligent  
Internal Examination Based
85% Above 100% Tuition and Rs. 10000 cash in each internal examination
80 - 84.9% 100% Tuition & Rs. 3000 cash in each terminal examination
75-79.9% 50% Tuition
70-74.9% 25% Tuition