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Montessori Program

Montessori Program

Oxford Montessori Program is one of the schools which focuses to foster mutual respect, tolerance and optimism wherein each child develops positive self-esteem, concentration, self confidence and independence to empower them through the practical teaching in proper environment. We aim to encourage children to be tolerant, patient active social and compassionate and respectful towards other people and environment.

We also aim to produce skilled and responsible cities for the national improvement. Applying the scientific way of teaching and practical observation, we focus to prepare the children to cope with the international challenges and to fulfill the essential demands of our society. Our collective input is intergral to our belief that this institution will be the best example in the field of education. Our adequate teaching methods and psychological treatment train the children to learn spontaneously as learning should come.


The School is housed in a residential compound at pleasant pollution free area of Butwal-10, Sukkhanagar. It is located in an ideal learning environment within a five-minute walking distance from Milanchowk and Chauraha. Its is very close to main road and situated ideally at safe distance to avoid disturbance of road.


  • To Build strong foundation that supports children all the way to grow responsible and competent citizen.
  • To Focus on physical, mental, social, emotional and lingual facets for the holistic development of children.
  • To develop socially responsible, academically sound and mentally alert students.
  • To build the strong foundation of children by focusing the sensitive period.
  • To provide a safe, happy and stimulating environment for children, where they are recognized as unique beings and given opportunities to explore their potentialities and be creative.
  • To maintain openness of mind, dignity of conduct and mutual respect to racial, economic, cultural, religious and linguistic diversity.
  • To acquire habits of curiosity, reflection, mental flexibility, self-discipline and independence.


We are aware that a variety of well-balanced and nutritious diet is an absolute requirement for both physical and intellectual growth of children.

To reach to this goal, we provide healthy meals and snacks for children on schedule. We similarly provide purified water. The food menu is available at the school reception for more information.

Class Room:

  • Flexible and spacious classroom
  • Special studios for visual and performing arts.
  • Extensive display boards in every classroom to provide space for the acknowledgement of students work and achievement.
  • Classrooms are managed with well equipped materials according to the subjects.
  • Well and comfortable as well as color coded furniture according to the age of children.


  • We have separate labs according to the subject and stages of learning. Thery are;
  • Lab for PLE (Practical Life Exercise)
  • Lab for senatorial training (for the refinement of the senses).
  • Lab for Mathematics, Science, Social etc.
  • Lab for Audio-Visual learning and Role play

Health Checkup:

Children cannot identify and communicate health related problems well. Thus, they need regular health check up to prevent them from unwanted health hazards. To ensure this, we provide regular health check up facility according to the school schedule and report it to the parents.


Extensive facilities and comprehensive sporting program allow our students experience competitive, social and recreational play. OMTP recognizes the importance of sport in fostering emotional development, individual challenge, collective pride and healthy life style. Constructive games are provided to learn through play.

Teaching Staffs:

We believe in the caliber of teachers in quality education. Our teacher team is selected for the magic that sparks children to achieve their best. All the team of teaching staff is trained, skilled and well experienced.

Teaching Methodology

The teaching method of traditional way is inadequate. We adopt “thematic approach” i.e. “learning by doing” and “play way method of teaching” as well as “learn through fun”. We apply to Montessori Method of teaching starting from PLE(practical life exercise), senatorial (for the refinement of sense organs) language, mathematics according to the age of children. We focus the absorbent mind of each child and create the environment to help spontaneous learning all the subjects are taught on activity basis changing the class according to subject. We don’t compel the children to learn by imposing them unnecessarily. In our class, teaching method, we want to develop Auto correction power’ on children. Pr-writing exercises and different exercises are applied to develop the fine motor skills of the children. Audio Visual system and attractive materials help the children to do exercise and learn themselves.


We provide Door-to-Door transportation facility, Our school vehicles carry the children and drop them in their residents. School directors are responsible to pick up and drop the children as school rule.


OMTP has capacity of 180 children and it has various grades according to age of the children.Parents awareness and home environment play vital role in learning process and in the formation of children’s behavior. All the parents are not well informed to ho they should treat to their children due to the lack of psychological knowledge. Improper treatment may spoil the children. With the view to helping parents in creating effective home environment for the development and improvement of children, we support with various programs and interactions.